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Shire Meetings and Practices

Timeless Teachings in a Changing World

Shire meetings and fight practice:

Our local shire meetings are the first  Wednesday of the month 7 PM

Fight practice is every Wednesday 7 PM

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Interested in learning to fight?  Email our Master of Blades or Master of Stables!

Kingdom Announcement

Heed the words of Sir Geirleikr Vedrsson, Kingdom Armored Marshal.

Greetings to the Heavy fight community of An Tir. Word has come down from society that off of the head helmet inspections are now required to verify that padding is sufficient and not deteriorated. They are currently working on the wording to add to the Combat book, but the rule is currently in effect.

Current phrasing of the requirements read such;


B. Helms

7. There shall be NO major internal projections. Minor projections of necessary structural components shall be padded. All metal shall be free of sharp edges. Face plates, bars, mesh, etc. should not attach to the interior of the helm, unless of structurally superior design and workmanship.

8. All parts of the helm that might cause injurious contact with the wearer’s head shall be padded with a minimum of 1/2 inch (13 mm) of closed-cell foam or equivalent padding, or shall be suspended in such a way as to prevent contact with the wearer during combat. Similarly, parts of the inside of the helm that might come in contact with the wearer’s neck or body should be padded .

9. All helms shall be equipped with a chinstrap or equivalent means to prevent the helm from being dislodged or metal contacting the wearer’s face during combat. An equivalent might be a bevor or a chin-cup suspension system. A “snug fit” is NOT an equivalent. The chinstrap shall be at a minimum a 1/2 inch (13 mm) in width and shall not be placed in the helm in a manner that could strangle the wearer.

I included the chinstrap requirement for the sake of suspension systems. This does not require removal of padding for inspection purposes. Be aware, many standard exercise pads are not a full ½” thick, and therefore one layer is not sufficient.

Marshals. Please familiarize yourselves with this, and implement it at all fighting events requiring inspection.
Fighters. Please be understanding that this is now a rule coming from society, and is therefore required.

Please forward and spread the word.

Yours in service

Sir Geirleikr Vedrsson, Kingdom Armored Marshal.

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